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A&L Mechanical : Electrical Fault Finding

Electrical fault-finding requires a very different skill set to other electrical work and we have gained a good reputation with our clients in this field.

The determining factors of swift and successful fault-finding are:

  • experience
  • comprehensive, modern test equipment
  • good understanding of how a wide variety of plant/machinery works
  • good on site communication skills with resident staff, both engineering and administrative
  • a large database of specialist suppliers from printed circuit boards to bearings, drive belts and machined parts as well as standard everyday electrical components.

Common area’s requiring electrical fault-finding

  • incoming power issues such as 'drop outs' and voltage fluctuations
  • heating and ventilation plant
  • manufacturing and similar plant
  • nuisance tripping of circuit protection devices
  • motors overheating
  • building entrance systems

If you have an electrical fault, in need of emergency electrical assistance, need an electrical inspection or just need some electrical equipment testing, please get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

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