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A&L Mechanical & Building : Decommissioning Services

A&L are your perfect partner when it comes to decommissioning.

Our engineers have over a decade of experience dealing with small, medium and large-scale decommissioning projects. We have an impeccable safety record, we undertake a complete and thorough assessment of site conditions and we are passionate about minimising any harmful effects to the surrounding environment.

Every decommissioning project is unique and requires flexibility, adaptability and cost containment. We are confident that with our experience of using the best technology and equipment coupled with our meticulous planning, project management, risk analysis and compliance, your decommissioning project will be delivered on time and on budget.

A&L has five core divisions unique to site decommissioning:

Gas (LPG & Natural)

  • Disconnecting/making safe any/all gas appliances
  • Disconnecting gas mains from National Grid
  • Purging (Gas to Air)
  • Certifications under CORGI


  • Capping underground mains supplies/services
  • Decommissioning/draining of site supplies, including sprinkler systems
  • Installation of temporary supplies to portacabins/toilets


  • Capping/plugging underground sewer and foul water drainage facilities
  • Removing and plugging any/all toilet/shower facilities


  • Decommissioning/making safe site services
  • Installations of temporary supplies to portacabins / toilets

Air Conditioning / Chillers

  • Decommissioning refrigeration gases

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